Café Rozen

Light - Lich - Mist
Ward 4 - Plot 37
Every Saturday 5:00 pm ST


please hide your weapons and dismiss your minions!please turn off your emotes!our staff will use yell/shout to make announcements. So please don't use it!keep the public chat in english!no NSFW!no racismno homo- or transphobia

Midori, Merewina, Nayra, Natsuki and Naluna had known each other for some time and at some point they came up with the idea of starting a small cafe together. So they created the "Café Rozen".

You are looking for a relaxing and romantic place? Then come by and let our maids make your dreams come true!


Romantic Package (10k)
You are there with a date and want to provide something for romantic mood? In the package are included:
small gifts for him or hera delicious mealone bard song

Birthday Package (15k)
Come and celebrate your birthday with the maids.
the package contains:
a delicious birthday cakeone birthday songa table just for you and your guests

You want a nice photo with a maid or just of you? Our photographers will be happy to take care of you!
one photo 50ktwo photos 90kthree photos 120k

Private Maid
You want to spend some time with your favourite Maid? There's your chance! NO NSFW!!!
50k for 30 minutes


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